A History of Excellence: The History of Creed Fragrance.

Before Elizabeth had the whole world smelling of White Diamonds, and before Diddy decided to delve into the world of sweet perfumes, a history of excellence there was the original Creed fragrance. Creed is a favorite of the Hollywood crowd, and European royalty can’t get enough of Oliver Creed’s custom fragrances.

Oliver is the proud member of the Creed Frangrance Family extradonaires, six generations strong. A History of Excellence of Creed Perfume was founded in 1760’s London by James Henry Creed. The Creed fragrance caught on quickly, Napolean III, Empress Eugenie and Queen Christina of Spain were all sporting the scent before James knew what hit him.

In 1854, at the urging of Empress Eugenie Creed hit France, where it continued to blossom. In fact, Creed went on to develop two hundred high class, specially crafted scents. Today, the Creed fragrance remains one of the world’s most sought after commodities. And Oliver Creed’s delicate infusion technique for developing scents keeps Creed separate from the fragrance masses.

The Creed Home Collection features home and body sprays for every room and occasion, one of the newest additions to the Creed family. Over the two century long Creed legacy, the original Creed fragrance has undergone several facelifts, resulting in multiply fragrances for men and women with the same devotion to sweet-scented excellence. Creed also has Universal and Private Collections, although Private Collection fragrances are only available in 250 ml flacons.

Types of Creed Fragrances for Women:.

Creed Love In White-Exotic Floral scent, it was inspired by Oliver’s experiences by the sea.

Creed 2000 Fleurs.

Creed Irisia.

Creed Fantasia de Fleurs.

Creed Jasmal-A Jasmine scent.

Creed Fleurissmo.

Creed Fleur de Bulgarie-Smells of Bulgarian roses and musk.

Creed Spring Flower.

Creed Vanisia-Made of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and vanilla.

Creed Tubereuse Indiana.

Creed Jasmin Imperatrice Eugenie-Italian jasmine, sandalwood, vanilla.

Types of Creed Frangrances for Men: There aren’t as many Creed options available for men, but you’ll be sure to get the same great smell!.

Creed Original Vetiver-Reinvention of the original Vetiver scent.

Creed Baie de Genievre-Smells of cinnamon, leaves and juniper berry.

Creed Green Irish Tweed-Florentine iris, .

Creed Bois de Cedrat-Citrus and lemon bark.

Creed Orange Spice-Orange note.

Creed Bois du Portugal-Sandalwood, vetiver and lavender.

Creed Royal English Leather-Lemon notes with a twist of Mandrin.

Creed Vetiver-Cedar and ginger.

Creed Epicea-Russian pine and a mixture of spices.

No matter what Creed fragrance you use, there an array of options that’ll leave you with the scent of a rose, the scent fit for a queen.

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