Adult Acne Skin Care

Adult Acne Skin Care

Acne in adults can be just as embarrassing to the sufferer as it is in younger people. You become painfully aware of the first impression you are making on new acquaintances and afraid that it is not a favorable impression. Although doubtless your self-consciousness is exaggerated, adult acne skincare is a necessary consideration for you.

Although acne is a problem most commonly encountered by teenagers, it can persist in some cases to the mid-twenties. More rarely, adult acne skincare is required by people in the thirty to forty age range, and you may need to consult a dermatologist in order to establish an effective treatment regime.

Education is an important element in adult acne skincare and you should aim to learn all you can about the disorder so as to better understand the causes and treatment. What is acne in adults? Acne generally is caused by pores that have become blocked by over-active oil glands in the skin.

Adult acne is generally milder than it is in younger people, consisting of blackheads, whiteheads, and outbreaks of pimples. These mild occurrences can generally be treated and controlled by sensible adult acne skincare.

Adult acne is more commonly seen in women and in this case, the hormone production during the menstrual cycle is the cause. Adult acne skincare, in this case, can be helped by control of the hormone DHT as if the hormonal level can be regulated then often the acne will disappear. In adult males, the adult acne skin care also consists of controlling the production of the hormone DHT, created in this case by the male hormone testosterone.

As for younger acne sufferers, the adult must follow certain procedures that will minimize the risk of an outbreak and treat the already affected skin. Absolute cleanliness is an essential element in adult acne skincare and this entails the establishment of a suitable washing routine. A twice-daily washing of the face and other affected areas using a mild soap, followed by a patting dry with a clean soft cloth is recommended.

At all costs, avoid squeezing or picking at pimples, which could spread infection and promote scarring. If you use cosmetics, adult acne skin care preparations should always be non-oil based and you should look for the label “ non- comedogenic” which indicates a mild product which will not further irritate the skin.

Adults with acne should try to avoid exposure to sunlight, which can worsen an acne problem. Attention to the diet can also help with the acne problem, as the main causes of this disorder are known to be high fat and sugar intake. A commonsense approach to acne is essential.

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