An Intimate Approach to Beauty


An Intimate Approach to Beauty

In this article we return to a time when beauty was defined in natural terms. An almost time-forgotten sensual approach to self-care, with simple rituals that will pamper you from the inside out. Where beauty was within every woman and man’s reach and where sometimes, just sometimes less is more.

Dare to be Bare

From time to time leave your skin bare. No make-up, foundations or facial care products that contain chemicals. Know your Skin

Maintaining your skin’s moisture balance is essential for overall skin health. However, generally, moisturizers do not replace the essential water needed in skin cells. It is therefore important to leave your skin damp to help your moisturizer or cream penetrate deeper into your skin.

If your skin is oily, you may discover that you do not even need a moisturizer. Even acne prone individuals should not over-wash their skin. Dry skin can actually make the condition worse.

Furthermore, most cleansers and toners with alcohol tend to dry the skin, creating the sensation of needing a moisturizer.

Something as simple as drinking more water will help your skin, nails, your whole well being feel better. All-natural, soaps should also be an important element in your skin care regime. These handcrafted soaps maintain its glycerin, which is a water-binding agent. Water-binding agents keep water in the skin, which aids skin damaged by sun and dehydration.

Good Cleansing

Soaps and scrubs should not strip the natural moisture from the skin; instead, these products should help the skin to find its balance as well as enhance your skin’s natural inner glow.

The ideal formulation should help to hydrate the skin so that during cleansing your skin can absorb adequate molecules of water into the cells.

Organic Oats Honey Lavender Facial Scrub is a classic quartet for the face. Its formulation contains organic oats to gently slough off dead skin cells, organic honey to nourish the skin while organic lavender essential oil helps to reduce inflammation.

Create a Bathing Ritual

Water has a healing power for many of us. Just the thought of the vast expanse of clear blue water will tend to relax the inner you. Creating a bathing ritual can offer you the same many physical and mental benefits.

Even cool summer baths can let a fresher you emerge. Surround yourself with An Intimate Approach to Beauty, soft candlelight, soothing sounds of nature and sink deep into cool relaxation. Select Citrus bath fizzy to sharpen the senses and restore energy or Lemongrass bath fizzy to relieve exhaustion and fatigue.

The Healing Power of Touch Includes a full-body massage with warm oil to your bathing ritual. A body massage can help to increase the firmness of the skin and can even reduce physical and mental fatigue.

A warm Spirit Body Oil will help lift your spirits and nourish the layers of your skin. Spirit Body oils are nothing more than pure plant oils that purify the skin; enhance the complexion and make you feel more attractive.

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