Antiaging Skincare

Most of the men are not giving much importance to their body health Antiaging Skincare as well as mental health. As a result, they not only lose their health but economically it affects them. Every man has a habit of periodic preventive care visits with their primary care provider which will include a review of their health history, a physical examination and laboratory tests, etc.

Apart from every man should follow some healthy practices. These healthy practices are men’s health secrets. By modifying daily activities according to these practices may improve overall health and well being. More than these health secrets can be discussed with the health care providers.

A balanced diet is one of the most important health secrets. Good health depends on the ingredients included in daily diet. It is better to get most of the calories from fruits, vegetables, and grains. Consume of red meat should be limited to 2 times per week. Low-fat milk products should be used in daily food. At least 1000 mg calcium per day is enough and the practice of exposing the body to morning sunlight is good to get adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Due to busy activities, most of the men don’t have time to give exercise to the body parts. But exercise is one of the important aspects which keep health in normal condition. Daily least 30 minutes exercise is enough for good body health. Relaxation therapy is a must for proper mental health. Thus exercise takes considerable place in health secrets.

If the health secrets do not involve the care of the heart are no use. High blood pressure is a common killer nowadays. Normal blood pressure is 120/80. Cholesterol should be always below 200. Controlling body weight is a must. For preventing heart disease these practices must be followed because men are most prone to heart-related diseases compared to women.

To maintain dental health visiting the dentist regularly twice a year is good. The use of floss and brush with fluoride toothpaste daily should be practiced. Beautiful teeth set to increase the handsomeness of men thus the scope of health secrets extended to dental care also.

To maintain proper immunization a tetanus booster is advised periodically. Hepatitis B vaccine and Hepatitis A vaccine are advised to young adults and men who have risky sexual behavior such as men’s sex with a man. Influenza vaccine is better for everyone over the age of 50 and Pneumococcal vaccine is for the men over the age of 65. Thus health secrets are directly connected to the maintenance of proper immunization system.

Danger number of men is suffering from a substance abuse problem in worldwide. Thus Men are always careful about the addiction of alcohol and recreational drugs (e.g., marijuana, cocaine, etc). Smoking habits and consumption of tobacco are caused to dangerous lung diseases and give up these habits will prolong life. Consumption of alcohol should be avoided while driving and working in heavy machinery plants. Thus the success of health secrets depends on the control of bad habits

Men are always protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections including HIV. Practicing healthy sexual activities will prevent men from these infections. Men are not taking much care about their genital parts like women. Thus testicular self- examination should be done every month. After 40 a rectal examination is better to screen for prostate cancer. Always monogamous relationship protects the men against HIV. This is important in health secrets.

Participating in religious or SATSANGA programs and open discussions with family members and friends will help maintain the mental balance. Along with this YOGA, PRANAYAMA is very helpful for good mental health and mental problems such as depression, anxiety can be controlled. Thus morality is also counted in health secrets.

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