Buying a Home: A Traditional “Love Affair”

With all the extremes in the Phoenix Real Estate market today – low, low-interest rates; large numbers of Phoenix Arizona Homes to choose from; Buying a Home: A Traditional “Love Affair” high measures of home affordability – a frequently-heard message is that “it’s a great time to buy!” Indeed, we’ve written several times about Phoenix Homes for Sale and the unique times and forces at work in today’s market that make it a particularly good time to buy a home.

However, as the holiday season approaches, we all find ourselves thinking more and more about issues closer to the heart: about tradition and values, about friends and family gathering in our homes, and about things that have meaning and impact upon us. It’s a great time to understand and acknowledge that, for many of us, the purchase of a house isn’t just about market timing and searching the Phoenix MLS – it’s also about pride and ownership, about growing and contributing, about more than providing shelter, but about making a home. We invest more than money when we buy a home – we invest ourselves. For many of us, buying a home is the start of a “love affair”, putting our heart and soul into something that takes care of us in return.

Here are some perfect examples of homeowners’ “love notes” about owning their own home:

“I love picking out my own paint.” – Something as simple as paint color can often make your home more an extension of you.

“It may sound silly, but putting up my own mailbox, with my name on it? It’s like saying ‘THIS is MY place’ , not someplace that I’m just living in.” – The difference between a house and a home is often that of permanence, of territory. For many people, literally putting something into the ground is just that – staking a claim.

“A green, green lawn – the greener, the better. I love coming home, seeing the lawn, and thinking ‘I did that!’ Of course, I have to mow… but, honestly, most times mowing seems like a privilege, not a chore. I know that seems crazy, but, hey – it’s MY house. Just smell that fresh-cut grass!” – Growing and nurturing, mowing and trimming – tasks like these can be the homeowner’s equivalent of putting on a fresh, clean shirt or pants: wrapping yourself in something fresh, and full of pride.

“We can do our own landscaping, our own way. There’s no landlord telling us we can’t put in some vines, or can’t take out a shrub – we can grow our own space.” – This can be the epitome of love for their home for many: literally, putting down roots.

“I have always LOVED doing Christmas displays, but never could do much because I never knew where I’d be living for sure. Now, I add on each year, and know that I’ll be here next year to add on to it again!” – We like our traditions of fun, and of leisure – and knowing that you’re investing in future years of enjoyment can be SO much more fulfilling than temporary, once-in-a-while celebrations.

“The first thing we did was choose our own light fixtures. LOVE IT!” – Lights, faucets, curtains, cabinets – all of these fixtures are, of course, utilitarian. But making them your own, putting your mark on them, brings your heart into the equation – you get your style, and function.

“Floors in my rentals have always bugged me – they’re always so generic, so commercial. Now? I have the COOLEST hunter-green carpet, and don’t even try and tell me that’s not cool!” – You walk them every day; what is underfoot literally is the base beneath everything you do. Making your floors your own can help you start off every day on the right foot.

You get the idea. And while it’s true that, in general, the longer you own a home, the more equity you build – it’s also true that the longer you live in a home, the more you tend to invest in the home emotionally. And, those things that you do as you enjoy and care for your home also tend to go a long way towards building equity in your home.

So, as the season approaches, give some thought to what owning a home could mean to you. It is a good time to buy a house, but – more importantly – it may be a great time for you to OWN a HOME.

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