Garment Bag

Every traveler knows the value of a good garment bag. Whether it’s a quick overnight business call or a longer family vacation, this important piece of travel equipment is your home away from home.

Originally designed in the early 1900s for train and ocean travel, the most basic garment bag is long and slim and can be folded into your suitcase or hung in an airplane’s over-sized luggage container. With the new restrictions on type and size of luggage, the new breed of carry-on is shaped to comply with every airline’s rules.

The most popular style is still the double-fold valise, which keeps clothes neatly and with a minimum of wrinkling. However, a newer tri-fold version is the latest to hit the market, with a shoulder strap and extra outside pockets to keep all those important documents at your fingertips.

These briefcase-type models come with or without wheels and are designed to fit under your seat. Modern lightweight materials also allow the traveler to pack more items and still keep within the weight restrictions.

The garment bag comes in a variety of colors and materials to suit your style and needs. Deciding which is right for you will usually come down to a few questions you need to answer before you shop: Is style more important than function? A CEO may want to choose something in leather while a college student will want to pick a sturdy canvas material.

Do you want your garment bag to double as your briefcase? You may want to choose a model without wheels. Do you usually travel with more than one piece of luggage? A smaller bag may suit your needs better.

Do you find yourself carrying your luggage often, whether from terminal to terminal or along those long city blocks? A model with wheels may make more sense for you. Once you decide on the style and function you need, you’ll want to look at the degree of quality you can afford. The Internet is an excellent tool for comparison shopping.

The top designers for garment bag are:
* Ralph Lauren
* Diane Von Furstenburg
* Oleg Cassini
* Samsonite
* American Tourister

There are also many other reputable garment bag companies on the market, including quality brands offered by your local department stores. Using these guidelines before you make your final selection will help you to shop with confidence and make your travels easier.

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