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One of the most disturbing areas of sexual health problems in recent years is the prevalence of genital warts that affect both male and female sex organs; they can also be found Genital Warts Information around the anus as well. This is an easily transmitted form of the human papillomavirus found in other more common varieties with the exception that this form is just as readily transmitted orally. It is better to prevent contracting genital warts than treating them but the problem is the one who passes on the virus that causes them may be unaware that they have the virus; so despite all precautions such as the use of condoms, you may still get them.

Worryingly is the length of time it can take for the infection to form them; sometimes it can be a few months or even many years. Tracking down the carrier is problematic and of no use, because it will be carried by every new person infected. There is a large number of viruses, over one hundred in fact but it is the HPV6 strain that is responsible for anogenital warts. Unfortunately, women can be unwilling and unknowing carriers of warts as they are often hidden in the vagina and probably won’t be discovered until she has visited her doctor for a routine examination of her cervix.

Women have the added problem that their genital area can be quite warm but also damp and are likely to have increased discharge which is an ideal situation for genital warts to thrive in. Even with the resources of medical science, the preferred method of removal is still the application of liquid nitrogen which is incredibly cold and kills warts; sometimes more than one application is required. The use of liquid nitrogen is dependant on the location of the infected area; this is a painless procedure but must be performed by a doctor.

Two other methods which require professional medical attention is the use of electrocautery or the emerging laser wart removal process. All the treatments depend upon the location of the infection and even after they are removed, there is no guarantee they will not come up again. One treatment that is relatively successful at removing genital warts is imiquimod as it helps fight the virus but new ones can still appear while it is being administered.

Before using imiquimod it is a good idea to consult with the doctor first because there are instances where it cannot be used as a treatment, including when a woman is pregnant; this is also the case when the skin around the area is inflamed and in particular, internally. This is a strong substance that has side-effects like many medications so someone using imiquimod needs to look out for coughs, blistering, aches all over and itching in the genital region; a doctor would be able to elaborate on this. Information provided here on genital warts is presented in good faith but is not intended nor can it replace the advice given by medical professionals.


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