Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts, or Aloha shirts as they are called in Hawaii, are as colorful and varied as the landscape of Hawaii itself. Just like the tartan in Scotland, Hawaiian shirts are distinctive and proudly worn by the residents of Hawaii, but without any territorial conflict associated with them.

In fact, Hawaiian shirts provoke a feeling of friendliness and fun. They are delightful to the eye and interesting. It seems that no two Hawaiian shirts are alike. What a great conversation piece. Since islanders have little to talk about with the weather, being near perfect all year round, their shirts could be a good beginning point for a conversation. Simply looking at a Hawaiian shirt gives one the feeling of being carefree and relaxed as if on vacation.

About the landscape of Hawaii. You could drive within a square mile area and view tropical rainforests, volcanoes, lava flows, steam coming up off the ground, and spectacular waterfalls. The Hawaiian shirts give you this feeling of diversity. They have many different designs, like individual fingerprints.

And that leads to another aspect. The people wearing these Hawaiian shirts are residents and tourists alike. The people living in Hawaii come from a vast background. Today, only a very small percentage are native Hawaiians. Back in the states, these Hawaiian shirts may be worn to a theme party, but they are not commonly worn. In Hawaii, they can be seen everywhere, on bus drivers, tour guides, and hotel and restaurant workers. These shirts are like uniforms. but give off a laid-back atmosphere which is key to the tourism industry. Did you know that three out of every five people working in Hawaii work in the tourism trade?

Tourists can not wait to buy their Hawaiian shirt. In fact, it is a priority as soon as arriving in Honolulu. It looks good with your leis at the luau with your orchid in your hair. Just remember, if you are married, place the orchid on your left and if you are single, place it on the right. Much meaning is attributed to hand motions and movements of the body in the hula dancing. Likewise, the Hawaiian shirts symbolize many different moods.

Okay, now that you have to have one, where is the best place to get one? Whether you are going to Hawaii or not going, it is not necessary to go to an expensive shop. The large chain retailers have them at good prices. In the states, refer to them as Hawaiian shirts, but in Hawaii, everything is Aloha……………

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