Involvement of grandparents in childcare

Various studies have been conducted in the past in order to understand the impact of outside factors on the growth of a child, one of them being the role played by the involvement of grandparents in childcare.

According to a recent study by researchers at the Institute of Education, London and Oxford University, bringing up children in an active involvement from the side of grandparents, cause them to be happier than those who have been deprived of their special care. The study showed an interesting link between adolescent well-being and the active participation of grandparents. As adolescence is the most crucial phase in the life of a child and it can be the starting point of creation of a divide between the parents and children. If a child’s parents are working, then the possibility of the child getting alienated increases even more. At such a time the grandparents can prove to be of great help by being a constant source of support and proper guidance.

The researchers also made it clear that mere closeness will have no effect on the child keeping in mind the nuclear families in which the grandchildren meet their grandparents during holidays and vacations. The point to note here is that only the grandparents, who live with their grandchildren all the time, show some positive impact.

Working parents find it almost impossible to spend quality time with their children nor can they take out time for solving their minor yet important problems that can pile up to make a great amount of mental pressure. Grandparents perform both these tasks efficiently by playing an important role in the rearing process. They can act as experienced guardians in the absence of parents along with playing the role of a patient listener to all their thoughts and feelings.

Under the study, a survey was conducted involving 1,500 children during which it was found that in situations like divorce to grandparents are valuable assets. Though divorce is harmful to the mental health of a child, grandparents can help in making the impact milder. The survey also found that grandparents played a major role in the career and study decisions of the grandchildren. As against the parents who often feel insecure while it comes to deciding a career or study move for their children, the grandparents can prove to be a constant source of love and moral support to the parents as well as the grandchildren.

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