Since the ’90s, there came the trend of Phone screens. It was a great revolution in phone technology.  From the last 20 years, cell phones have been changed to smartphones from simple devices of mobile calling. Now a day, they proceed like mini computers. Screens also become smarter just like phones. In this article, we have gathered some informative knowledge for you about the evolution of mobile phone screens.

Phone screen repairToday, in the digital market, ideas and priorities are always changing. As there are a lot of electronic devices launched in the market, but the most dominant device is mobile phones.  Simultaneously, there come always new but cheaper things that inspire the market trend to the peak. Hence, to compete with marketers, many companies try regularly to produce new arrivals for their loyal customers.

On the other hand, two main companies that are Samsung and Apple always offer to introduce new products to keep their position maintained. Phone screens opened a new trend in the mobile world and have been grabbed much attention and give a new idea and this development goes forward. People also prefer those models whose phone screen repair (telefoon scherm reparatie)is easily possible. And ipad screen repairs are an expensive one, people also prefer because it’s easily available in the market.

First Smartphone:

In 1992, the first smartphone was introduced by IBM. the Personal Communicator to Simon. It was manufactured with a black-and-white LCD touchscreen that measured (160 x 293) 4.5 * 1.4 inches of the screen. Actually, it is believed that Simon is the first phone available commercially which featured a touchscreen and streamlined navigation system. After that time, it was a routine to manufacture black-and-white passive matrix screens of mobiles. Generally, to generate texts, rows and columns were combined that provides a bulk form.

Color Introduction:

Nokia released the first smartphone in 2001 that has a monochromatic display feature. in Nokia 8250, users can change the gray color to a bright blue of their mobile background. Similarly, in That year, 256 colors were offered by the Sony Ericsson T68m and Mitsubishi Trium Eclipse.

A changed trend:

iPhone introduced various models in June 2007. An operating system and responsive touchscreen were launched first time in the phones at that time. A touch interface changed the common QWERTY keyboard system. There was a video graphic array (VGA) display feature in phone screens in which a resolution of 320 x 480 was provided that was totally changed from other phones.

New arrivals at the start of 20’s:

In the upcoming years, the iPhone was followed by many phone producer organizations and they started to manufacture the mobiles that featured with higher screen resolutions, multi-touch interfaces, and phone screens were larger in size. Samsung launched his model in 2011 that was Samsung Galaxy S2, which had a 480 x 800 resolution feature. In 2013, After two years, Motorola introduced his Moto X that featured a 720 x 1280 pixels of screen size.

Today’s Smartphones:

In 2015, the ideal screen size for mobiles was 4.7-inches that was changed in 2016 to the size of 5.5-inches. AMOLED screens became very trending in 2017. Now a day, mobile phones are manufactured with six main display types that are IPS-LCD, TFT LCD, Capacitive Touchscreen LCD, OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED. They offer images of high quality and maximum resolutions of strength.

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